Palin Possibly Pro-Pot?

Say that title 10 times fast….so recent news is that the Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws (a ballot advocacy group backed by the Marijuana Policy Project) has offered Sarah Palin $25,000 to give a speech to marijuana policy reformers. They figured that since Palin was willing to give a speech at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America’s convention in support of alcohol, why would she be opposed to give a similar speech in support of marijuana.

The following quotes are from an advisory circulated by Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws:

“We see absolutely no reason why Ms. Palin would reject our offer,” said [NSML campaign manager Dave] Schwartz. “The health effects of the substance she is talking about at the WSWA convention causes 33,000 deaths in the U.S. annually. The comparable number for marijuana is zero. Alcohol is also associated with violent crime and other destructive acts, while marijuana is not. If Ms. Palin is comfortable endorsing that product, we are certain that she will endorse ours.

“Let me make one thing clear. In making this offer, we are not intending to attack the alcohol industry or alcohol users,” continued Schwartz. “We are merely highlighting the fact that marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol. It therefore makes no sense to keep marijuana in the criminal market, while a former vice presidential candidate celebrates the alcohol industry. We want legitimate businesspeople in Nevada to benefit from the sales of marijuana, and we want adults to be free to choose whichever substance they prefer – marijuana or alcohol – when they relax after work.”

Not to be a downer but I feel pretty safe in saying that Sarah won’t be giving any pro-cannabis speeches anytime soon. It would be great if she did and I would totally like to be proven wrong in this particular scenario but I just don’t think that such a high profile conservative like Sarah Palin is going to make any public speeches in support of legalizing marijuana.

Read more about  NFSM’s offer to Sarah over at the Marijuana Policy Project blog

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