Parody Of Democratic National Convention Ad Raises Important Questions

Who has seen President Barack Obama’s ad for the Democratic National Convention staring Harold and Kumar?

The actual ad starts with POTUS himself on the phone making sure that he that has the support of whoever he is speaking with, and stressed how much he is counting on them. At the other end of the phone however is Kumar. With snacks galore, him & Harold start to laugh at something on the TV and the ad takes full form announcing that Kal Pen would be hosting the Democratic National Convention tonight.

The parody video raises awareness of the reality simple marijuana-related arrests like possession ruins many people’s lives. The parody also brings up the issue on why Obama hasn’t addressed the issue of marijuana legalization in all of the open-forum discussions he has held thru outlets like YouTube or Twitter.

For those unaware Kal Penn, formally known as Kumar, is an actor that gave up the spotlight to go work in Washington DC and with one of his previous jobs actually being in the White House as TITLE.

Below is the original ad with the original one on the top of the page; feel free to compare and contrast in the comment box below.

PS: Its good to see a dude from Jersey like Penn first get attention as a stoner and go on to do something real. As smokers its our responsibility to handle our business and change the social perception of smokers.

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Author: Blake

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