Paul Lo Duca misses New York

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Former Mets Catcher Paul Lo Duca must really miss being in New York. He misses it so much that he made surprise call in the WFAN, one of New York’s main sports radio stations.

While on the Radio station, Lo Duca addressed being named on the Mitchell Report:

“I apologized. It’s something I did a long time ago. The perception, and people think that, hey, he did it last year. No. I did it a long time ago. And it was a mistake I did. I wish it would have never happened. It’s something I’ll have to deal with. But, you know, I’m sort of glad. I think it was a monkey that’s been on my back for a long time that finally flew off. It was something that I’m not proud of, obviously.

“I don’t view myself as a cheater. Obviously it’s something I did. And obviously it’s something that helped me. But, you know, a lot of people don’t realize I got into a bad collision and got run over at home plate one year, in ’95 in Double-A. And I got it prescribed to me by a doctor. A lot of guys did it. There’s a lot of guys in front of me that did it. Like I said, I’m not making excuses. It was part of survival. You want to be at home or you want to be playing? That’s the way it was. I apologized for what I did, but that’s plenty true.”

This was my first time hearing anything from him but he said he apologized so maybe I missed it. Either way, this is yet another person who confirmed that the Mitchell Report was correct.

Lo Duca

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