Pennsylvania Cops Tries To Rob Alleged Marijuana Courier Ends Up Imprisoned

Cop Pleads In Drug, Money Theft Sting:

23-year-old Christopher Luciano and Sean Alivera, 31, thought they were getting over by ripping off drug dealers but only set themselves up.  The Philadelphia officers were upposedly in cohorts with other dealers to get over on someone said to be a bud courier but turned out to be a Internal Affairs agent.

On October 4th, the 2 officers were seen irrationally pulling over a vehicle operated by the supposed courier which was really the IA agent.  Upon a unwarrented search of the truck, 20 pounds of marijuana and $4,000 in marked bills were uncovered.  After locking the undercover agent in the squad car one of the officers made a phonecall as they drove about 10 blocks away from the initial stop and met with 2 men who relieved the officers of the bud and drove away.

Afterwards they returned to the cite of the abandoned vehicle to transport it and the would-be courier to be processed at the 25th District station where they were arrested.

Alivera, who was found with $3,000 of the marked bills in his vest, is said to plead guilty today according to his lawyer.

Luciano is looking at a minimum of 5 years of jailtime facing up to 76 but has already pleaded guilty.

The marijuana was never recovered; so in the grand scheme of things the two “criminals” won.


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Author: Blake

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