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Pennsylvania Introducing Legislation To Regulate Cannabis Like Alcohol

pa1Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach is preparing to present legislation that would legalize cannabis in his state. “This will be legal in 20 years,” Leach proclaims, “I don’t believe this is a fringe issue. It’s a major economic issue and a major moral issue.”  Senator Leach is quick to assert his proposed statute will be met with resistance, but feels this is an ideal time to introduce such legislation in order to take advantage of the momentum propelled by legalizing cannabis possession for adults in the states of Colorado and Washington.

Due to the fact taxation levels of legalized cannabis are unknown, it’s merely impossible to predict a profit margin. The Senator declares the taxation of cannabis would be set at a large rate in part to the low production costs and expects an economic impression close to a billion dollars.

“This will create a huge, new industry, from the growers to the distributors to whatever retail outlet we ultimately choose,” Leach decrees, “It’s sort of a no-brainer in terms of economic benefit.”

Leach’s plan to regulate cannabis like alcohol, if successful, would situate cannabis with the state’s system of wine and spirits outlets and beer distributors. With cannabis remaining illegal on a federal level, this part of the Senator’s plan would place employees of said businesses at risk of federal prosecution.

pa3Pennsylvania’s mainstream media isn’t quite as convinced as Senator Leach appears. The media has basically sacked the proposed legislation as having a snowball’s chance in Haiti, with polls citing 80% of the state’s citizens being in favor of medicinal cannabis and a mere 33% are in favor of the legalization for recreational purposes.

Leach touches on one vital variable when professing his case in reference to the necessity of legalizing cannabis: “Marijuana was the most prescribed drug in America before 1937,” he says, “The anecdotal evidence and literatures for ending its prohibition are overwhelming.”

Good luck to Pennsylvania and Senator Leach. We can only hope the sea of understanding and compassion will wash over the entire country and eventually bring an end to this antiquated war on otherwise law abiding citizens, better known as cannabis consumers. Educate yourselves and others in order to medicate and recreate legally.

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