Prescription Pills Kill, Weed Keeps Us Freed

Now if you don’t like this blame @kingjafee, I’m kidding. Follow him because he is one of the funniest dudes on twitter. He inspired me to do this Random Rambling.  Read my full rant after the jump.

Pills: keep people alive, make people happy, get people messed and more importantly kill people. Over 32,000 people die from prescription pills on a yearly basis. It is the USA’s seventh cause of death. The top two being alcohol and tobacco. If I said I have never touched happy pills, that would be a lie. I did have my fun with O.Cs. Bars, and the white pills were kind. If you don’t know what pills I am talking about, good, stay away from them. I don’t touch them anymore. Too many people around have taken it to a point where I can’t even hang out with them. Some of my closest friends are and have had very big problems with all type of pills. To me; they make you someone you are not. They can easily kill friendships and relationships and most important yourself.

Knowing all this, I have stayed away from them for a good amount of time now and never plan on abusing them again. I stick to the best diet there is, weed and liquor. Even though liquor has gotten my in some trouble with law.

Now, how is something that kills 32,000 people annually legal and all over your hood and mine and in your parents cabinets. The answer is Doctors. These doctors make money every time they write a prescription. Do not comment and say that it isn’t true, because it is, I know for a fact. If a person comes in and needs to be leaned of say Oxycontin, they give them a pill that is less strong. It still fucks them up though. It is a horrible thing. Weed needs no pill to wean off of. Because weed is not addictive like pills and all other drugs.

Like everyone knows, weed hasn’t killed anyone. Now how is alcohol legal and weed isn’t. We will all never know. Or is that the government makes to much money off busting people, who knows for sure. I just wish these doctors and government would realize this pill epidemic coming to the world. Shit, my generation is called Generation RX as in RX on the pill. Now how fucked up is that. I know this was a random rambling, but I wish the government could control something they started. It’s not like the government is growing coco plants or heroin, but they are creating pills that are getting stronger and deadlier when they get into the hands of dumb ass kids. All these kids need to do is find their parents pill cabinet or there friends parents. If your friends or kids that you know have a problem do something. The pills are going to kill more and more each year. The pills are killing and ruining lives on a daily basis.

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