Pineapple Express Ending Duplicated in Southern California

At close to midnight Sunday, a Sun Valley commercial building was ablaze, and authorities quickly discovered something was afoot.  Police are now claiming it contained a not unsubstantial amount of marijuana.The firefighters laughingly informed local police of the discovery:

“A lot of marijuana had been burned, but I’m not sure how much went up in smoke,” said Sgt. David Tomilin of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division. Officers were able to book more than 100 pounds into evidence Sunday morning.

Investigators were not yet prepared to call the operation illegal, given that marijuana for medical purposes can be grown and distributed legally.

“I don’t know if they had some kind of licensing,” said Tomilin. “It’s obviously not for personal use based on the amount. The stuff we could book was in trash cans in 30 to 40 bound bags.”

Sunday morning there were bags, apparently of marijuana, visible both inside and outside the nondescript building, which had no identifying sign.

My personal favorite line from the article about the blaze was “…the nondescript building, which had no identifying sign.”  Like grow houses are a supposed to have signs?

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Author: Tyrel

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