Place Where Kurt Cobain Lived Approves Medical Marijuana (Kurt Cobain still dead)

Last Monday Seattle Washington’s City Council voted 8-0 to establish a municipal licensing and regulation system for medical marijuana distribution. This comes on the heels of the Washington State law that went into effect late last week. Medical Marijuana is coming to the birthplace of grunge. Read on to find out why this is so important in Washington’s largest city.

Seattle’s Mayor, Mike McGinn will:

sign the ordinance, which is at odds with a series of new restrictions and bans on medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities imposed by other municipalities around the state.

The 8-0 vote in favor of the measure comes nearly three months after Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law a new measure allowing cities to regulate and license production, processing and distribution of medical marijuana on a limited basis.

That statute, which takes effect on Friday, requires storefront dispensaries and other medical pot suppliers to reorganize themselves as small, cooperative ventures serving up to 10 patients. These “collective gardens” are confined to growing 45 plants total but no more than 15 per person.

The state law was passed in response to a recent proliferation of storefront dispensaries that were neither explicitly banned nor permitted under a 1988 voter-approved initiative legalizing pot for medicinal purposes.

Gregoire vetoed provisions that would have established licensing for growing and distributing medical marijuana at the state level.

Although cannabis is still listed as an illegal narcotic under federal law, 15 states and the District of Columbia have statutes decriminalizing marijuana as a treatment for various medical conditions, according to the National Drug Policy Alliance.

There’s still a lot of pressure from federal courts, since it’s a schedule one drug, and measures like these might not stand up to federal intervention. The same federal intervention Obama said he would avoid, then reneged on. Regardless, it’s pretty clear the city municipality of Seattle stands by the State ruling, even if less populated municipalities in Washington state don’t.

No word on Soundgarden, Mud Honey, or Dave Grohl’s feelings on the matter. Nineties nostalgia has no place in millennial issues I suppose, but I’m older than everyone.

[cannabis culture; pic via flickr]

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