PM Toke: The favorite music of Irish teenagers is Sham-Rock.

If I had a boat, Brittany Noel would definitely be my first mate.

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How To Dump Your Girlfriend Without Pissing Her Off

New Single: Calvin Harris – Awooga

Thom Yorke Thing of the Day: Surprise DJ Set At Low End Theory

VIDEO: Temple’s Juan Fernandez Hits Buzzer Beater to Beat Penn State

DBZ Vs. The Jersey Shore

VIDEO: Morehead State upsets Louisville

Idiot gets owned by cow

Nothing Says Festive Like A Fetus!, Leprechauns, Green Outfits, Drunkeness, Get Your Scrant ON

What’s On My iPod: Nick Schonberger

Whoa, MTV Bringing Back ’120 Minutes’

Nine Insane Videos of Soccer Hooligans In Action

The Jersey Zoo

Happy St. Patty’s From WL

Darren Aronofsky drops out of Wolverine, chance of sucking now at 96%

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