Police Fail Of The Moment: This Guy Did His Homework!

This post was written by Ese Hozer, Click here to read more by this author

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Whats up everybody? I’ve been gone for a little while, work has been a bitch lately. The downside of doing IT is that at the end of a shitty day, I don’t even want to see another computer. With that said, things have finally settled down, and now its time to do my real job…get high and blog!

Today’s Police Fail sadly is only a fail til the end, where dude eventually gets caught. But the skills this cat possesses to pull this shit off is beyond me. I have seen moves like that in movies, but never in real life. I’m gonna let the video speak for itself. Enjoy.

Also, to all the new peeps on here I haven’t blogged with yet, I look forward to going hard on this with all ya’ll! Much love.

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Author: Ese Hozer

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