Police Won’t Approach Daily Libertarian Smoke Out

What happens when a bunch of fourth amendment savvy Libertarians hold a smoke out 2 blocks from the police station? What if they do it everyday for a week and it turns into over 100 people? Well if it’s Keene, New Hampshire, the police don’t want nothing to do with it.

Keene is the capital of the Keene Free State Project, the ultra pro-liberty project trying to get 20,000 people to move to New Hampshire. Read the Wiki if you want to know more, it’s accurate and well cited. Basically Keene is just a hot bed of people who believe in person freedoms and are also extremely aware of their constitutional rights.

So hence comes the smoke out idea, a couple buddies start it up this week and spread the good word. Thursday had confirmed reports of 75 people and as of yesterday there were 125 people at the smoke out, a bullhorn, and no arrests.  Checkout the description in the facebook group.

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So your probably thinking these people are crazy, but your wrong.  Since it’s inception this week the city council had raised the question of whether or not they should decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and are drafting a letter to send to the state house supporting the idea. Also it is spreading, this coming Monday will see the festivities kick off in Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire.

Now we get to the smoke out over a hundred strong,

At 4:20 p.m., 40-year-old Rich Paul of Keene switched on a megaphone and said, “We smoke this in remembrance of lost liberties.

“To a time when people don’t fear the government because the government fears the people.”

As lighters clicked and smoke floated into the air, people stood in small groups near the fountain in the square, passing around glass pipes and what appeared to be marijuana cigarettes.

“Smoke ’em if you got ’em,” said Paul, who called himself one of the originators of the gathering.

It get’s better though, when Paul is asked about getting arrested,

“I’m carrying a copy of the Constitution, an empty holster and no ID,” Paul said, adding he hadn’t decided if he’d tell the police his name if he was arrested.

But there were no arrests.

Shortly after the protest began, two police officers stopped and talked to protestors near a crosswalk on the edge of the square for about 20 minutes.

Officer Timothy Peloquin said he’d been sent by his supervisor to check on the protest. He said while he saw people smoking clove and tobacco cigarettes, he didn’t see anyone smoking marijuana and he didn’t smell it. KeeneSentinel

The idea that these cops didn’t smell weed is just absurd. They just didn’t want to go in a crowd of 125 liberty activists. So keep up the good work Keene, hopefully your protests and demands will be met soon. Until then daily smoke outs are clearly whats up.

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