POLL: Is eating “Medibles” more efficient than smoking?

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Yes, there's bud in every one of those snacks

Now I know all of us Greenies are more accustomed to smoking than anything. I mean if you didn’t smoke, you probably wouldn’t be on Hail Mary Jane right now! But an interesting article came out recently from Advisor & Source bringing up an interesting point of patients in need of medical marijuana but not very fond of smoking it.

Marijuana brownies have been around since Woodstock or before, but other medibles have come on the market for medical marijuana patients who prefer to get doses of cannabis without lighting up. Cookies, lollipops, crisp rice treats, truffles, peanut butter cups, oatmeal bars and other concoctions have become part of the medical marijuana business.

I’m sure the variety of medibles available isn’t new to most of you Greenies out there but I’m interested in talking to a specific audience. I’ve been a smoker & marijuana lover for many years but I’ve always been so curious about medibles & never got a chance to really experience them. Sure I’ve had a brownie here & there but I’m talking some real medically-induced stuff! So I want to know from my Greenies out there who have had a fair share of experience in BOTH smoking & eating medical marijuana, which you think is more efficient? PLEASE do not take this poll if you are strictly a smoker & just pick smoking is more efficient because that’s what you do all the time! I’m really curious!

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[Image via Standing Akimbo]

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Author: itslloyal

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