The Best Part About Using A One Hitter

Like bongs, gravity bongs, vaps, and all other smoking inventions, one hitters are an amzing invention in the smoking community. I don’t know where I would of been able to get high at a lot of points in life without my one hitter. The one hitter has gotten me through so many times smoking outside where cigarette smokers smoke. Not like you can burn a joint out there, people will know somethings up. The one hitter is the greatest thing to have when you aren’t suppose to be smoking somewhere. Back when I didn’t smoke tobacco (the better days) I used to use my one hitter when all my friends went out to smoke cigs. I would smoke my one hitter any and everywhere. Like it was a cigarette, and like it was completely okay to smoke a one hitter. I have a buddy who pretty much smokes out of only a one hitter these days. He saves a ton of weed. It really comes in handy in those places where you shouldn’t be smoking. How many of you greenies have a one hitter and use it in all the wrong places like us at HMJ?

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Author: MisterMaryJane

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