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The Best Part About Using A One Hitter

Like bongs, gravity bongs, vaps, and all other smoking inventions, one hitters are an amzing invention in the smoking community. I don’t know where I would of been able to get high at a lot of points in life without my one hitter. The one hitter has gotten me through so many times smoking outside where cigarette smokers smoke. Not like you can burn a joint out there, people will know somethings up. The one hitter is the greatest thing to have when you aren’t suppose to be smoking somewhere. Back when I didn’t smoke tobacco (the better days) I used to use my one hitter when all my friends went out to smoke cigs. I would smoke my one hitter any and everywhere. Like it was a cigarette, and like it was completely okay to smoke a one hitter. I have a buddy who pretty much smokes out of only a one hitter these days. He saves a ton of weed. It really comes in handy in those places where you shouldn’t be smoking. How many of you greenies have a one hitter and use it in all the wrong places like us at HMJ?

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Author: MisterMaryJane

I type stuff on a computer. Green@HailMaryJane.com - @MisterMaryJane

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  • Reggie Kush

    I Like this article ,because i too have a one hitter,and smoke in the smokers section. But the only downfall is that when you smoke your weed it smells like weed ,especially when you exhale ,but the up side is you get that buzz and weed does last you a long time especially if you goin off a dime

    • ttressler

      Well it is going to smell like weed, but smoking around a bunch of cigarette smokers kind of hides the smell of weed.

  • Cronic Smoker

    Im the guy that exclusivly smokes one hitters.

    • kjm

      me too, pil bottle pre chopped, a old cig hitter that has a coned bowl via built up ash and a knife spun around, truely a one hitter vs the 5 or so it takes a fresh new one hitter with their deep countersunk bowls. on avg, one hit is 0.03 grams, at 3 hits an hour for for 6 hrs a day would be 3.78 grams a week 15.2 grams a month 6.48 oz a year, but it is nice to indulge once ina while

  • Roberta Simone Powers

    i prefer one hitters over joints any day. There portable and I can conserve weed.

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