Pot Decriminalization May Be Coming To Detroit

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Detroit is close to joining Philly, Boston and a few other cities that have made possession small amounts of marijuana legal. The city council’s internal operations committee decided Wednesday against amending the proposed ordinance, the last step is election commission approval of the language for the November ballot. Combine that with Cali’s vote for full legalization in November and that will make this year a landmark year in the history of the marijuana movement.

The ordinance would allow anyone 21 or older to possess less than an ounce of marijuana on private property without fear of arrest. Medical marijuana for registered users has been legal in Detroit since a 2004 referendum.

Tim Beck, a registered medical marijuana user, spearheaded the effort to get the legalization ordinance on the ballot. He argues police will be able to focus on “crimes with actual victims.”

Dennis Mazurek, an assistant corporation counsel, told the city council committee the ordinance conflicts with Michigan state law, which take precedence. But Beck is confident of victory.

“It’s going to win — I have no doubt of that,” he said.

I like the sound of that. Legalize it!!!

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