Pot Expo At Cow Palace

I’m not gonna lie to you.  I have no idea what the Cow Palace is.  It sounds like a great place to get steak.  I did a little internet research (which means I can put it on my resume right?) and discovered it’s in Daly City, which I believe is near/around San Francisco.

I used to live in Berkley, when I was a wee tyke, but my parents thought my blossoming ability to piss people off wouldn’t do well in Oakland public schools (we were in that district), we moved to the most horrible place on the planet (but at least it had good schools).

Aside from my ignorance surrounding Cali events, I will let you know about this event if you keep reading.

The International Hemp and Cannabis Expo is coming to a Cali HMJ reader near you on April 17th and 18th (definitely a 4/20 conspiracy there).

According to NBC’s Bay Area Local

It’s been the site of many events over the years, from rodeos and and roller derbies to rock concerts and controversial gatherings, like a gun show last month.  Now, the Cow Palace in Daly City is about to top all those shows with an international event aimed to educate and inform — but likely offend many who already have opinions about a hot topic: pot.

A gun show isn’t as controversial as a pot expo?  One kills people, and the other stimulates laughing fits.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, with Cali getting super close to being like legal legal for anyone over 18 or 21 or whatever they agree on, I’m not sure why this is such a huge deal.

Since it’s NOT entirely legal yet “Marijuana won’t be sold at the event but there will be a designated place for legally-certified medical cannabis patients to consume their own.”  Well, recreational users should toke down before heading over.  Tickets are only $15 for a single day and 24 bones for a two day pass.  Get them here.

Unfortunately, you won’t see me there, as I’ll be sitting by a computer drinking and toking.

Stay frosty marines.

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