Presenting the “Toker II”

Bongs come and go. Some live to a ripe old age, spreading joy and relief all throughout their lives. Others get left on the floor when playing video games, and follow the path of the bad guy from Terminator 2. The “Toker II,” however, is a different monster all together. Since its inception in the 1970s, The Toker water pipe has served stoners well with its unique design and smoking technique. This classical, new age hybrid hits unlike any piece I have encountered before.

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Visually, this water pipe grabs your attention right away; its bowling ball-shaped base provides a large space for smoke to fill. Once smoke is pulled into the spherical chamber, it travels up the tube sticking out of the side and into your lungs. What separates this piece from most bongs is that it contains a carb positioned across from the tube. The carb is made up of a hole in the glass that is stopped with a rubber cork with another hole in the center. This allows for ample milking of the Toker II, which is deceiving given the bong’s overall size.


The down-stem is very similar to your average “non-glass on glass” version — the difference being the rubber washer is replaced with another rubber cork. This design puzzled me at first, but seeing the protection it provided itself  helped me see it as a true advantage. The down-stem is connected to a decent sized bowl that travels through the rubber cork and into the water chamber, just centimeters from the bottom. I am a big fan of this concept, but for those that prefer a separate bowl piece, the Toker II comes with a 14 mm compatible down-stem. The draw of the Toker II is steady and strong, without feeling too thick or harsh. This can lead to bigger hits than intended, so be careful and start off slow. 

Overall, I just love this bong. If I had to pick a con — and I had to think about this for a while — it would probably only be wanting the glass to be a little thicker. And that is just a personal preference. The Toker II hits are smooth every time, with no splash back, and adding a carb to the design was pure genius.


I feel like I’m smoking a piece of history with every puff. It’s definitely worth the investment, especially with the signature bong bag it comes with. Check out the Toker II and other Toker products like the Mini-Toker (review coming soon) on their website: Old habits die hard, and the Toker II is back from the dead.



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Author: JONG

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