Do Private Clubs = Public Consumption in Re-Legal Alaska?

Will private cannabis clubs get around the ban on public consumption when legal rec sales start in Alaska?  That the current debate.  Here’s more:

Legislators sparred with Alaska’s attorney general over the legality of marijuana clubs at a hearing Wednesday, arguing she had the wrong definition of “public.” A wide-ranging hearing about commercial marijuana largely focused on the lasting uncertainty of just where people can light up as cultivators and retailers get ready for their first sales.

Alaska Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth, who recently was appointed to the position by Gov. Bill Walker, issued an opinion two weeks ago finding unlicensed marijuana social clubs were illegal. There is no current way to license marijuana clubs, as they’re not one of the four licenses laid out in the 2014 voter initiative. The initiative did create a fine for smoking in public, but didn’t spell out what is considered public. Most agree private businesses open to the public — such as restaurants and bars — are public, but a handful of businesses have opened as clubs, arguing because they require membership, they’re not public.
. . .
“There are lots of definitions of what a public place may be for different purposes,” she said. “I think when most people voted on the initiative, to the extent that they were looking at public places, they figured that just meant you can’t have people smoking joints while walking down the street. I think that’s what the definition of public meant to most people.”

She went on, making the case for clubs.

“You go to downtown Seattle and that place stinks right now because people are smoking it on the streets,” she said. “Which is exactly what the people don’t want them to be doing. … I’d sure rather have people in a club where it’s not wafting into the street than smoking it on the streets. That’s the offensive thing for most people, when you smell this stuff.”

More detail at the complete original post HERE.

We took a vote here at HMJ Secret World Headquarters and it was unanimous. We like to “smell this stuff.”


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