Pro Pot Guy Fawkes Beats SFPD Obama Fundraiser Detail

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Outside Obama’s big ticket San Francisco fundraiser yesterday, medical cannabis activists have been gathering for hours prior his arrival.  During the protest there was truly a societal cross section of medical marijuana, Occupy, and Tea Party activists. Across the street however stood a lone man in a Guy Fawkes mask holding a neon green sign, behind the security check in line for a bunch of folks about to be in the room with the president. On the bright poster board was a large marijuana leaf with “Li” and “ar” marked  on each side.

While in general how awesome this is, it got even more interesting. When a few SFPD officers working the event approached the man a security guard from the building came outside, confronted the officers bothering the man, and proceeded to close the gate on them.

Yes, he closed the gate on a bunch of police playing defense for Barack Obama’s big ticket fundraiser.

Not long after that, a side gate next to the main was opened for Guy Fawkes to stand in. Most of the folks who were in the line were forced to walk by. Just to help you realize the type of people in attendance this evening,

“The president was then traveling to San Francisco to meet with 20 supporters paying $35,800 per person, followed by a dinner for 70 people each paying the same amount.” NBC Bay Area

Clearly the gentleman was a tenant in the building next to where they had the event, but it was sure fun to watch.

Big ups to all the heroes who made it out to defend safe access today all over America.

Check more pics from the protest below.

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Author: Jimi D

I'm a West Coast Bostonian transplant, California medical cannabis professional, safe access sympathizer, and I like letting folks know the news. Follow me on Twitter for breaking news @JimiDevine.

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