Proactive Stoners Rejoice! – Hempfest 2010: Seattle, Wash. Aug. 20-22

Politics and Weed. Both powerful and important things in most of our daily lives. Normally, when these 2 words get put together in the same sentence, all hell breaks loose and people run to hide under their beds because they know the argument is more than likely going to get uglier than the boogey man coming out of your closet with a Rosie O’Donnell mask on. At Hempfest, its the complete opposite. You might end up seeing the boogey man (he works in a closet or under the bed, all the time, you KNOW he has to be in there smoking) on his day off listening to one of the many great speakers you will see at this year’s hemp fest. People from organizations for marijuana policy reform and educators such as NORML, American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, Cannabis Culture Magazine – it’ll be Jodie Emery, editor of the magazine and the wife of recent victim of lies and prosecution Marc Emery, ACLU, and various other organizations, policitians, lawyers and media hosts.

Hempfest is going to be held at 3 waterfront parks; Elliot Bay Park, Myrtle Edwards Park and Olympic Sculpture Park. Hempfest is a political rally trying to get marijuana laws reformed and making the uneducated more knowledgeable about the positive and beneficial uses of marijuana. It is also the largest pot festival around. It’s festival about human rights, freedom, and equality. Its a place for education and positive changes for marijuana users and supporters, recreational and medicinal. Their website states “Of course Hempfest is about cannabis — industrial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational use by otherwise law abiding, responsible adults — but since Hempfest is a political rally and demonstration against America’s laws criminalizing and imprisoning people who use cannabis, we see Hempfest as about freedom first, and the cannabis plant second.” Thats good because I know that no one wants to go to jail for something as harmless as responsible marijuana use.

Hempfest isn’t just a bunch of people talking all day and trying to persuade others that marijuana is not the gateway, devil drug that some people think it is. Its also a time for expression and fun. Its has concerts and arts and craft fairs. Think “Stoner Art”, just on a larger scale. The musical line-up is still being created right now but expect some really interesting bands to perform. Some past performers have been Fishbone, Kottonmouth Kings and Rehab. So you’ll be able to get your groove on and look at cool shit while you are helping to increase the chance of marijuana getting closer to be, more reasonable regulation.

Whats the best thing about Hempfest? It’s free! Most all of the workers are volunteers except for a small amount of people there such as the security personnel at the entrances so it can fulfill its permit requirements. The speakers, bands, and other performers are there to entertain free of charge and because they are believers of Hempfest and its direction, and only sometimes get reimbursed for travel and lodging. By staying a free festival, it keeps its status as a constitutionally protected free speech event, making it unlikely that they could be charged with persuading people to indulge in an “illegal” activity. There are 3 different membership levels, $25 – Supporter level, $50 – Member level and $150 VIP level for which you will receive a Hempfest member card. At all 3 membership levels you will get to use their member entrance which will help you bypass the long free admittance lines. At the Member and VIP levels, you will be able to bring t 1 – 3 friends with you that will have the same benefits as you the card holding member. At the VIP level you will have your name in the event program, gain backstage access and be able to attend the by invite only VIP after party with the festival celebrities like the top speakers, artists and top sponsors. At the Member and VIP levels, you also get free admission to other hempfest events, access to the online forums, a free shirt and the chance to win prizes. I personally think almost everyone should purchase a member because of the cheap price and how it’ll help future Hempfests.

If you plan on attending Hempfest, be aware it is not consider a “free-zone” where you can just light up anytime you want. Hempfest has to abide by all local, state and federal laws and Seattle parks are designated “Drug Free Zones” with increased penalties for selling or buying a “controlled” substance in all forms. So leave your blunts, joints, pipes and chillums at home. Or toke before you go.

If you are going to be in the Seattle, Washington area in August around the 20-22, I’d recommend you checking out Hempfest. You’ll learn something, get to have a good time and help contribute to what we are all trying to get, legalized marijuana.

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