Product Review: “Adventures in Europe”

An interesting look at the festivals and risqué events in the European underground, “Adventures in Europe” is a video documentary that sheds a red light on different countries and the unique experiences one may find while visiting. The episodes that I watched were Vol. 1: Destination Amsterdam and Vol. 4: The Red Lights of Europe. Both films star “Big D,” a big bald man with a taste for history, beer and ladies of the evening, who serves as the tour guide for this adult-themed odyssey.

The movies start off talking about the popular festivals, such as Oktoberfest and the Queen’s Festival, which are big drinking holidays for Europeans everywhere. After a while however, this becomes a bit tiresome to watch. With bad audio and picture scattered throughout the films, it is no surprise why it is rated so low on While the funny antics of Big D do impart some humor into the experience, it just seems to fall flat overall.

Once the clips of Big D and random festival goers drinking and dancing end, the films take a sharp turn to the legal prostitution of several countries, including Amsterdam, the Czech Republic and Germany. This is what both films were more or less focused on: Big D going from kinky massage parlors and gentlemen clubs to street walkers, asking about pricing and getting tours of different establishments. While this was somewhat educational (having never gone to any Red Light districts myself), I found is a bit boring. Even the people he interviews for the show seem uninterested and a little uncomfortable being on camera.

All in all, I have to say this is one documentary that you can skip. Dotted with bits of humor and facts about the places visited, Big D’s “Adventures in Europe” falls short of even the most basic expectations. With better organization, editing and a better host, this series might hold its own against other low-budget DVDs of its kind.


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