Product Review: SpaceWalker Live Resin

**Authors note: it took me a long time to complete this review, as I would take a hit, go to write, get distracted, take another hit, go to write it yet again, and get distracted… it’s a terrible cycle for a cannabis writer!**

As medical marijuana patients in California, we have a wide variety of choices in medications. I prefer to smoke extracts, as I have asthma, and these materials form in a cleaner way than traditional flowers do. Also, using extracts means you have to use less of the product to get the medicinal effects.

Extracts vary greatly in quality, texture, terpene profile and taste, since there are a variety of extraction methods being used in the cannabis industry. 

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[Image via HMJ staff]


THC Content: 84.4%

Sight: Light yellow, “cake-like” consistency, which melts super clean

Smell: Strong, lemony terpene profile

Taste: Unlike other extracts, this retains a strong citrus flavor. It vapes nice and clean, and did not make me cough.

High: Very? I had to restart this review three times after taking a very small dab, with concerns I couldn’t finish the review.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5


Spacewalker Live Resin by Natures Lab Extracts is a sativa-dominant OG hybrid with strong citrus terpene profile. This is a heady plant to begin with, and when you extract its goodness, you get a product that melts the anxiety away.

One hit of the Live Resin from Natures Lab will leave your head in the clouds without making you feel tired or hungry. If you need instant stress relief, this strain is for you, although I do not suggest using this if you have work to do, unless you have a high tolerance for sativa-dominant extracts.

This is an extremely clean product that has been processed properly, as it smells, tastes and “smokes” nicely, leaving virtually no residue behind in comparison to similar products.

I will definitely be seeking this product out again. Follow Natures Lab Extracts on Instagram to find out to find this product and learn more about the company and its efforts!


[Image via HMJ staff]

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Author: Beth

Beth is a cannabis writer for HMJ as well as co-host of "Fired Up" by HMJ with Lenny G, and Duney Kush, every Thurs from 3-5PM PST on She is a prop 215 MMJ patient, living in the Los Angeles area.

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