Product Review: Sploofy “The Discrete, Durable & Efficient Sploof”

Name/Type: Sploofy


Rating: A-

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Overview: Sploofy eliminates the smell and smoke of marijuana. Unlike a sploof from dryer sheets and a toilet paper roll, Sploofy is durable, discrete and much more efficient. “Sploofy is designed to last up to 300 uses, but that number varies by user.”

Personal Comments: I have been looking for a product that was this durable and discrete. It does however look like a pocket pussy from the show BMS. The Sploofy works better than your dryer sheet sploof. It eliminates the smoke that is blown into the Sploofy. You have to blow your smoke out slow. If you try to blow a huge hit, it will leak out smoke from the mouth piece. I suggest personal bong or bowl hits and to blow slowly.

Overall: The Sploofy is definitely a product you need if you need to smoke in stealth. The smell is extremely limited and basically no smoke at all. And for only $17! You just have to find your groove with how hard and big of hits you can blow into the Sploofy for the best efficiency. I gave them a A- because the amount of smoke that is let out on the side of the mouth. Maybe they can use a gel or something with a suction for their next one. Overall it is a great product that I will be refilling after my 300 uses!!

Get your Sploofy.

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