Product Review: The Aqua Pipe



The Aqua Pipe is a seemingly innocent looking device that most people would dismiss at a glance for being anything other than a plastic-like, mini-microphone. Its black bowl is deep but unassuming, and its mouthpiece folds neatly against its purple base. This camouflage is one of the many benefits of the pipe, including mobility, bowl size and its anti-spill capabilities.

Standing at only 4-feet-tall, my first impression of this particular piece was that it looks nothing like a normal pipe. To be honest, I thought it was a gag gift or something. After closer examination and my first use, I quickly came to realize that this boring-looking piece was actually one of the best stealth pipes I have ever seen.

It’s small and has only two removable parts (the base itself and the bowl/downstem), making it easy to clean and store in one’s trunk or bedside drawer. The bowl and downstem combo screw on and off the base in order to add water, and only 1 tablespoon is necessary in order to create a bubbler effect. With a deep, wide bowl, the Aqua Pipe can be utilized for personal use, or filled to the top and passed around a group. And with its airtight seal and long/thin downstem, it makes the Aqua Pipe virtually leak-proof (I learned by knocking it over several times without spilling a drop yet).



Overall, the Aqua Pipe offers a discreet method of smoking that I think any smoker would enjoy. With its inconspicuous design, large flower capacity and leak-proof ability, this pipe delivers on all levels. It’s a good piece to take in the car or for use on the lawn at a concert. The Aqua Pipe will become your mobile smoking buddy in no time.



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