Product Review: The Mini-Toker

Evolution takes time to get things just right, and the wait was definitely worth it with the newest addition to the Toker family. Just like his older brother, the Toker II, the Mini-Toker packs some serious smoking power in a compact package. Made with laboratory-grade Pyrex glass, the Mini-Toker takes the unique design of its sibling, shrinking it down to half its size. The Mini-Toker fits perfectly in one’s hand — since it’s roughly the size of a baseball — but don’t let its slight stature fool you.


The pull from this little guy is surprising, to say the least. Taking hints from the specialized design of the Toker II, its base fills with time and can be “overfilled” when not paying attention. From its long down-stem, the smoke travels and collects in the water compartment. The smoke is then pulled through the tube into the bowed opening and subsequently into one’s lungs.


Even with all of the similarities of the original design, the Mini-Toker does have few distinctive differences. The first change I noticed was the lack of a rubber “carb” opposite the the tube. Then, I saw that the down-stem had a small glass attachment at the base of the rubber cork, which turned out to be a small periscope “carb” that doubles as a grip to pull out the cork and clear the bong; ingenious ideas that allow for both the slow draw of a bubbler or pipe, and the milking and clearing of your average bong. An added bonus is the 14 mm adapter for a removable bowl piece, with just a shorter down-stem than the Toker II.


The Mini-Toker is now my permanent “on-the-go” piece. With its awesome design and compact features, this water pipe is definitely a must-have for every mobile stoner. For extra protection, I recommend purchasing the Mini-Toker with the matching EVA foam travel case, which keeps the water pipe and its accessories strapped in safely.  Take it to a friends house, camping or to your next music festival.

In my opinion, the Mini-Toker is a bong for the ages! Happy Toking! Find the Mini-Toker and the rest of the Toker family products by clicking here.


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