Product Review: The Stink Sack

No one wants to explain that sweet, stinky, skunky smell that seems to seep out of almost any container you store your marijuana in. For years, it seemed that the only way to keep the fragrance of your medicine from escaping was to buy a big clunky glass jar with an air-tight seal, which makes it hard to travel with while adding the risk of broken glass. With the Stink Sack, this is no longer a problem. 
With sizes ranging from 1/8 oz. to 1 lb., the Stink Sack offers a wide variety of soft, smell-proof, reusable containers to keep your medicine safe, secure and secretive. The Sacks come in many different designs and styles to appeal to all types of cannabis users.
I love the idea of this product; it allows me to travel with my cannabis with peace of mind that it will be sealed safely and scent-free. I received the camouflage-print 1/4 oz. Sack, however, the company offers different types of the Sack. They now offer containers with child-proof locks that are opaque and inconspicuous — perfect for being discreet and responsible with little ones around. Need I be more convincing? Check out their website at It is clear to see from the press and testimonials that people are falling in love with their Stink Sacks.
All in all, this is a great buy for the traveling cannabis lover. I take the Sack with me whenever I travel with no worry of stinking up my car or my final destination. The Stink Sack travels much easier than any bulky jar would, and combines discreet access and style to any cannabis connoisseur’s smoking routine. Check the Stink Sack out today and remember… Stay Elevated!
stink sack
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Author: JONG

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