Product Review: Tuck N Toke Pipe


Name/Type: Tuck N Toke/ Wind Resistant Pipe


Rating: A-/B+


I usually choose a glass bong over any other smoking device for smoking flowers. I also go camping, hiking and boating often so a glass bong usually isn’t an option. I met Scott, owner/creator of the Tuck N Toke pipe at Kush Expo last month in Anaheim and he was nice enough to let me try one of the Tuck N Toke pipes out.

The Tuck N Toke pipe consists of a 2 foot long hookah-like flexible hose with a wooden mouthpiece on one end and removable, screw on metal bowl firmly attached to the other. The hose, bowl and wrap colors are fully customizable on their site. It comes with an “accessory bag” that includes another bowl with a wind guard screw on top, pipe cleaners and screens. To use, choose your bowl, put a screen in it and attach it to the hose. I chose the wind guard top over the open bowl. Load up the bowl with your favorite buds, light up, inhale and enjoy! It’s very discreet because of the hose and covered smoking bowl and actually kinda looks like you are taking a sip off of a water hydration system.


If you are an nature Greenie like me, I’d definitely recommend this pipe for all your outdoor adventures! I wouldn’t suggest pulling it out in a crowd that’s not 420 friendly or anything, but overall it’s very discreet. The hose is what makes this pipe unique and different. You can have the mouthpiece in your mouth and put the bowl down in your lap, alongside your leg, in your backpack or purse to light it and toke away! The windguard top, is easy to drop or lose in the grass I found out.

Personal Comments:

I put it through its paces after taking the tram to the top in Palm Springs and hiking around at 8500 feet and toking on it. It was used the most at the Oregon Brewfest last weekend. Of course I found the weedy spot at the brewfest…right under the stage! Everyone loved the Tuck N Toke who tried it out. This isn’t the pipe I’d grab if I were at home wanting to smoke, but it’s superb for virtually any outdoor activities.

The only suggestions or changes I’d make to the design would be to make the mouthpiece out of plastic and removable/cleanable. Hiking, camping even festing, the Tuck N Toke pipe is  there and ready to go for liftoff.

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Author: Doodette420

Doodette who loves #cannabis! Like meeting other 420 friendly peeps. Outgoing, down to Earth, demented & probably going to hell. Let's smoke a doobie! Twitter: @DoobieDoodette

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