Professor Drops Bid to Legally Grow Cannabis [for study]

A University of Massachusetts-Amherst horticulturist has dropped his 10 year bid to grow marijuana for medical research.  The professor is disappointed in our legal system which has their own growing station in Kentucky.   More research is needed to  identify which strains combat which ailments, with medically available marijuana in 15 states already it makes sense to open up more research facilities.  More info after the jump.

Via the Associated Press:

The Drug Enforcement Administration has blocked Craker and defended the government’s marijuana, saying its Mississippi facility provides the necessary quality and quantity for legitimate researchers. The DEA has said permitting other marijuana growers would lead to greater illegal use of the drug. Craker won a key victory in 2007 when a federal administrative law judge recommended to the DEA that it grant Craker’s application to grow marijuana in bulk for use by scientists in government-approved research. In a nonbinding ruling, the judge said the government’s supply was inadequate for medical research. But the DEA ruled against Craker in January 2009 in the waning days of the Bush administration. Craker hoped Obama administration officials would view his case more favorably, but his motion for the DEA to reconsider his case has languished.

“It would be nice to be able to develop plant material that would be specific for glaucoma, specific to inhibit vomiting and all those other things that the plant is credited with doing,” he said. “Currently, people with ailments are taking pot shots or they are going to illegal sources, which I suspect most of them are.”

Pic via the Fresh Scent

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