Proof Tyler The Creator Smokes Weed Randomly


Once again I prove to you Greenies that Tyler The Creator does smoke weed randomly. I did a Would you smoke with Tyler the Creator? and you Greenies jumped on my case about how he doesn’t smoke weed. Even when I said I saw him tweet about him smoking. Then I showed you guys a picture of him holding a huge jar of weed for some more proof. Then we get this above photo of him hitting a blunt. I rest my case. Tyler doesn’t smoke weed like us, but he does hit the blunt randomly like I said. OFWGKTA

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  • Reggie Kush

    Im i the only one who notices that the gif you have and picture of tyler has on the same shirt dude has in the background?

    • http://www.hailmaryjane.com/members/t/ MisterMaryJane

      lmao They must of bought a 10 pack. Nice catch.

  • werslry

    just cause hes around weed dosent mean he smokes..he posts pics like this to troll dumbass people like u

  • cole


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jackie-Debs/1330149028 Jackie Debs

    not the same, one has a logo

  • Jasmine

    It’s actually two different shirts. Ones heather grey on the inside and ones white. Then there’s a logo on the grey and not on Tyler’s.

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