Proposition 19 To End Border Wars, Mexican President Disagrees

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said,

“For me, it [Proposition 19] reflects a terrible inconsistency in Government policies in the United States.”

Didn’t Mexico legalize small amounts of all drugs about a year ago? Yes they did, and it really didn’t seem to change anything. But the Mexican President seems to think otherwise. I really agree with Geraldo Rivera, that Prop 19 is incomplete and should of had a better provision on the taxation of the marijuana. That was the ultimate justification. Hasn’t that been a huge deal with legalization, finding away for our Government to tax it an make money on it. Seems like Cali and Schwarzenegger are more worried about just getting it legal and then working out the glitches. I can’t say I agree with that to much. But I’ll take what I can get to get this marijuana legal. I really like how Geraldo lets people know that alcohol companies are paying to have adds played on T.V/Radio against marijuana. Geraldo makes the best argument when he says,

“This is one intoxicant verse another.”

To bad the Fox News anchor cuts him off when he gets on that topic.  Like most pro-marijuanians, yes I just made that word up. Geraldo explains that the main product of these Mexican Drug Lords is marijuana. They don’t make as much money on hard drugs. Mexico is the biggest source of marijuana for the U.S. But we already new that. If the United States had its own supply (Caregivers) and not the Mexican Drug Cartels, as it would in legalization. Then you would not have a demand for this Mexican marijuana to be smuggled in. Which all in all should stop them brining their product to the US, if it isn’t in demand. Prop 19 should really change the U.S in a  big way. Not just for American marijuana smokers, but also the non-smokers. Whether it stops the Mexican Drug Lords from smuggling and violence on the border or other states tag on to Cali’s ways. Either way, Prop 19 seems to be the best thing right now for the  U.S.

Thank you, Geraldo Rivera for giving it to those Fox News anchors.

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