Rambo-Cops Aim Guns at Children, Shoot Dogs and Evade Taxes….To Protect You

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a hard time trying to defeat the evil Sky Net in the Termintor movies and he’s a big superhero action figure looking robot dude. So imagine the complicated tactics that will be required to bring light to the diabolical dealings of a group called WestNet.

So who is WestNet, you ask?

They’re only a super secret task force of para military poorly trained, overtly aggressive gun having Rambo types that kick in the door of criminals who are hoarding marijuana plants and Etch-a-Sketches!

You should be afraid as this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

In another case, WestNet officers broke through a Belfair suspect’s front door, storming in with guns drawn on the suspect, her 6 six-year-old daughter and 13-month old grandson, according to a court declaration cited in the story. The officers proceeded to break an Etch-a-Sketch toy to see if it had drugs.

By now the whole entire farce that is our country’s criminal justice system has been exposed. Evidence of military tactics and aggressive police seizures that waste time and money to target sick people who pose a minimal public safety risk has been shown into the light.

You would have to be working with nothing more than a portion of your frontal lobe to still believe that the people employed as officers, their mode of operation and the results gained by law enforcement to capture these “drug criminals” is relevant, safe or effective for any of us.

Some eerily similar events show up in The News Tribune‘s report. In 2002, WestNet raided the house of Douglas Wood, a 50-year-old medical marijuana patient with a painful nerve condition. Task force officers showed up in paramilitary gear and then shot a pepper ball at Wood’s 11-year-old dog, blowing out her eye, according to court records cited.

In the last few months, citizens have been bringing light to the abuse and aggression displayed by police departments all over the country. We have been questioning ourselves and the people that we allowed to gain control of our government.

With secret task forces like these hiding in the bushes ready to pounce on innocent civilians with or without a reasonable cause it’s in all of our best interest to be afraid..be very, very afraid. This is TRJ….signing out.


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  1. Bill Smeathers December 14, 2011 at 14:07

    Police at their absolute best. Goverment caring less and protecting child perversion. I hate these sick freeks and what they did to my child and what this worthless Governor and worthless Attorney General are doing to allow it to continue! Andrew Scheroeder Badge #6969 of the Illinois State Police, August 15, 2007 led a drug raid on my home with a dirty search warrant. During this raid my then 9 year old daughter was permitted to use the bathroom. As a child (in passing) she looked into her bedroom and observed this individual standing over her laundry basket with a pair of her soiled panties up to his face. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan should be arrested immediately! They know and allow their State Police to commit acts of deviant perversion to a child and then look the other way and pretend it doesn’t happen! Not Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, nor Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan have the slightest concern over their rouge cops. A close look at all social unrest and you will quickly find that the underlying problem is almost always the police.

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