Re-Legalization Not Creating Adolescent Users

Don’t forget that in a legal market it will become harder for kids to get their hands on cannabis.  Think cigarettes.


A central idea of the war on drugs has always been that loosening restrictions on drug use — by decriminalizing it, or allowing medical use, or legalizing some drugs completely, or even simply discussing legalization — will “send the wrong message” to kids and lead to increased teen drug use and all the problems associated therewith.

But particularly in the realm of marijuana policy, the evidence has repeatedly shown this notion to be inaccurate.
. . .
. . . these data only go through 2013. So it’s highly premature to draw any sweeping conclusions about the impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington on teen use. But, taken as a whole these two studies add to the body of evidence that shows that rapid changes in state laws and evolution in public opinion on marijuana over the past 15 or so years haven’t led to the explosion in teen pot addicts that many proponents of the war on drugs feared.

Aside from growing disapproval among the younger cohort, the first of the two studies outlines some reasons why use rates have remained flat or declining among teens. Crucially, marijuana has always been easy for teens to get ahold of. Since the 1970s, the proportion of 12th-graders who say that marijuana would be “easy” to get has remained well over 80 percent.

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