PBS Travel Guru Rick Steves tells why America needs to be more like Europe

PBS Anchor Rick Steves paid a visit to the Seattle Hempfest recently & was very pro-marijuana! Whether you agree with him or not, doesn’t change that Rick is saying nothing but the truth! Real examples from decisions made in other countries with real results based on things that have been going on for the past couple of years. Check out an excerpt of what Rick had to say below:

We’re not talking pro-drugs here we’re talking Civil Liberty! If somebody wants to smoke pot in a mature adult way recreationally, I believe that is a civil liberty!…There’s 800,000 people arrested every year in our country for simple marijuana possession. Now these aren’t rich White guys, these are poor people & Black people & people who really can’t handle a bump in the road like that. For the rest of their lives, they’ve got a criminal record & that’s a real tragic thing for our society! I’m not saying to be soft on drugs or hard on drugs, we need to be SMART on drugs like the Europeans are…

So I guess only one question remains, why isn’t marijuana legal already in US! Multiple countries around the world are becoming more marijuana-friendly, even legalizing some of the more dangerous drugs resulting in reduced crime. Seems simple enough right? So Greenies, I need you guys to let me know why you think Marijuana has YET to be legalized in the states? Tell me in the comments!

Spotted at NORML

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