Red Eye Jedi – 12/6

Shout out to greenie John aka Ill Venom for emailing me these awesome shots.  Thanks for being an avid reader. We appreciate the love!

Red Eye Jedi“ is a section where guys smoking weed will be posted for the viewing pleasure of our dear stoner girl fans. If you come across a stoner dude or wanna be featured here, e-mail me at, #HMJ #RedEyeJedi on Instagram or hit us up on twitter.

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  1. Profile photo of Semi
    Semi December 14, 2012 at 16:31

    Haha thanks Yahweh! You're awesome 🙂 I must continue to spread the message of love, peace and unity via marijuana.

  2. Yahweh Smokes December 7, 2012 at 10:49

    Semi, Nice and sweet blog! Indeed, you are the prophetess of the chronic [I presume from your use of 'diva' you are a lady]! You follow in a noble tradition—Egyptian scholar-magician [Eg. hry-hbt hry-tp, "chief lector priest"], Hebrew medical-magician [Hb. Hartummim of keneh-bhosem "fragrant cane"], Indian physician [Sanskrit, Soma & bhang Guru] & Scythian medicine man [Scythian, cannabis]!

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