Red Eye Jedi – (Terminator Dave x SHINOBI NINJA Edition)

Today’s Red Eye Jedi is brought to you by the smoking hot ninja stylings of Terminator Dave, drummer to Brooklyn band Shinobi Ninja.  I have to admit, there’s something kinda hot about a long haired, head bangin, crowd surfing, tongue flashing, blunt smoking, hella ripped rock star drummer… just can’t quite put my finger on it.

2013 is already on a roll for the ninjas as they prepare to drop their new album #EscapeFromNewYork (come to LA!)  They’ve been keeping the visuals flowing with mad behind the scenes footage via YouTube.  Slightly creepy and oddly aesthetic artwork for the first single “Power Strangers” has also hit the web. The track is said to be releasing in late February so be on the look out greenies!  Check it out in the gallery below along with a couple more of the Terminator’s snapshots as he’s toking on a monster blunt #CuzThatsHowNinjasRoll

PS – If you’re in the tri-state area catch Shinobi Ninja playing a FREE SHOW with Sunny Gang on January 30th.  More details on their Facebook page here.

“Red Eye Jedi“ is a section where guys smoking weed will be posted for the viewing pleasure of our dear stoner girl fans. If you come across a stoner dude or wanna be featured here, e-mail me at, #HMJ #RedEyeJedi on Instagram or hit us up on twitter.

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Author: Semi

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