Red Sox nation proves time and time again that they are the lowest form of life

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I used to feel sorry for the Red Sox. Even though I am a New York fan and I hate them, I still have a heart and a felt sorry for them. Going 80+ years without winning a world series is a very long time, especially for a team and a city that is so passionate.

However, now that they have won 2 in four years, all of the sudden the Red Sox nation has lost their minds and they want to show their asses, literally.

First there was all the whole bad apple thing from Theo Epstein. A cheap shot at innocent Yankees, claiming that they used a trip to Japan as an excuse but I really don’t know for what, they won the division that year.

Now there are two more incidents of RSN being RSN I guess.

First we have the gentlemen who is pictured above. 39 year old Jesse Levis who is a scout for the Red Sox was arrested yesterday for jerking off in front 4 women, including two minors (ages 13 and 14) who were swimming in a pool.  I just wonder who he was fantasizing about as he was doing it.

Then theres another incident of Red Sox fans beating up a Yankees fan just for a wearing a Yankees hat. Apparently he wasn’t even talking shit, they talked trash to him and then followed him when he left and jumped him, despicable. I guess you couldn’t expect much better from Red Sox Nation though.

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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