Red Wings fans are crazy

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I’m starting to see more and more why people consider Red Wings fans classless. During the National Anthem of the Saturdays Stanley Cup game 4 between the Red Wings and the Penguins, Zach Smith, who is an big Red Wings fan, decided that it would be a good idea to throw an octopus onto the ice.

Now I know this is a tradition for Red Wings or whatever (explains why Detroit smells so bad) but to do it during the National Anthem I think is disrespectful not only to the Pens but to the country.

After he threw the octopus he was immediately ejected but he wasn’t concerned because he snuck back into the arena despite the fact that he was told that he would be arrested if he did so:

They had bought an extra ticket in anticipation of his booting. That’s an extra $300 from a scalper.

And Smith was wearing a regular T-shirt, instead of Red Wings gear, when he threw the octopus.

Outside, he quickly threw on a Red Wings sweater and walked back into Gate 3.

The worst part about the whole thing is that other Red Wings fans cosigned it:

“Even if he got kicked out, that’s true Detroit pride,” said Trevor Staahl, 23, of Grosse Pointe Woods. “That’s how we do it in Detroit.”

What do you guys think about this?

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Author: Lenny

Women. Weed. Weather. @LennyGaiter @hail_mary_jane

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