Reject Obama’s Nomination of Michele Leonhart For DEA Director

Our friends over at NORML are calling for everyone to reject Barack Obama’s nomination of Michele Leonhart for DEA director. Here is what they had to say:

President Barack Obama recently nominated Michele Leonhart to direct the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. NORML is asking you to contact your Senator today and urge him or her to reject this nomination.

As interim director, Ms. Leonhart has obstructed efforts to end the destructive conflict between federal and state medical marijuana laws while overseeing federal raids and arrests in disregard of state law – contrary to the present policy of this administration.

Furthermore, Ms. Leonhart has blocked scientific research on medical marijuana, in disregard of this administration’s pledge to let science, rather than ideology, guide public policy.

In particular, Ms. Leonhart has neglected to reply to an eight-year old petition to reschedule marijuana for medical use, which was supported by NORML and was called for by the AMA and a growing number of states and federal judges.

She has further denied the application of the University of Massachusetts to establish a research facility for FDA development of marijuana, overruling the recommendation of the DEA’s own administrative law judge that this was not in the public interest.

Ms. Leonhart has incomprehensibly called the rising death toll civilians attributable to the U.S./Mexican drug war “a signpost of the success” of her agency’s policies.

Ms. Leonhart’s actions and ambitions are incompatible with common sense marijuana law reform and the stated policies of this administration. Please urge Congress to reject this nomination. For your convenience, a prewritten letter will be e-mailed to your member of the U.S. Senate when you enter your contact information below.

Thank you for assisting NORML’s federal law reform efforts.

To take action click here.

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