Residents fight to keep “Stoner Avenue” from name change

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Residents of Bemidji, Minnesota convinced city council to cease plans to change the name of  Stoner Avenue. Apparently the city has vested over $20,000 in the past decade replacing the Stoner Avenue street signs that keep getting stolen by vandals. MSNBC says:

At a public hearing this week Stoner Avenue residents convinced council members to table the issue, complaining that changing the name would be a hassle for the more than 40 property owners who live along the street.

Those residents would be forced to update their drivers license and other important documents and databases.

The city agreed to explore options to make the signs less vulnerable to theft, including using different types of screws or using taller sign posts.

The entire MSNBC article can be found here. I gotta say I’d love to have a Stoner Ave sign in my room. I have a friend that lives on Mary Jane Lane and they have the same problem with street sign theft. I really doubt taller sign posts will help fix the problem. Sorry city council, but it’s a kick ass sign.

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