Review: ‘The Little Black Book of Marijuana’ Is Small In Size, Big In Content



Name/TypeThe Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis

Website:  tokesignals.com/ (Visit for a signed copy)

Rating: A+


From the Amazon page:

This concise guide to cannabis delves into pot culture and history, from Herodotus to the hippies and beyond.

It also covers the essentials of using, cultivating, and cooking with weed; identifying pot varieties; and understanding legal and health issues.

Handy and to the point, The Little Black Book of Marijuana gives you “the dope” on pot, from possible side effects and risks to medical uses and their efficacy.

Learn about cannabis history and the issues around its legalization.

Includes full-color photos of marijuana varieties.

Personal Comments:

So I’ve known the author of this book for a long time and I have developed a lot of respect for him watching him go through the ups and downs of being a cannabis writer.  Steve Elliot is a tough hombre that I have seen show a tremendous amount of love and care for people and the cannabis movement.  I have also seen him have an equal amount of hostility towards injustice and people who try and sully his name.  Regardless of how you feel about him, no one can deny that he is transparent about his opinion and one hell of a writer.

I received a copy of his book “The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis” along with a weed laced journal and documentation about the book 2 years ago  (Yeah, I am a little late on the article but don’t hold that against the book in any way).  This bad boy is an instant classic and packs a huge punch in a small size.

I still use that journal all the time.

This book does not sit there and linger on topics like you will see someone who is way too high do.  This book is very concise and has many uses for many different levels of marijuana users.  For the nonsmoker, you can learn the truth about this plant and its history with lots of facts that are sure to spur more research.  For the newbie, you can learn lots of different tips and tricks to stoner lifestyle.  Activists can easily put their hands on facts for debates on the cannabis lifestyle.  For the person that does not read a lot, there are pictures.

All of the info is cited and Elliot does a great job of making sure that you know that these are facts and not just his opinions.  The ease of the read on this book makes it appropriate for all ages.  Whether you are well-read or wet behind the ears, you will still easily digest the info and be entertained at the same time.


I really should have gotten around to reading this much sooner.  It makes me have a whole new level of respect for beautiful green reefer along with all who have contributed so much to helping bring the truth to light.  If you are one of the people, like me, who is a little late to the party with this book you need to go ahead and get your copy.  It will make an awesome conversation starter over joints on your coffee table or bookshelf.  Do it now, thank me later.

Coffee shop grindin.... Checking out the little black book of marijuana by the homey Steve Elliot of tokeofthetown.com.  Review coming soon

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  • http://tokesignals.com/ Steve Elliott ~alapoet~

    Thanks, Lenny! I’ve been totally surprised and humbled by the great reaction to this book! People are still buying it and loving it, two years later.

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