Rhode Island Closer to Decriminalization

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The little state that could, just endorsed a proposal to decriminalize marijuana for those who possesses under an ounce.  Which sucks for Xhibit, but is nice for casual users.  “The commission voted on Tuesday to endorse a report recommending a more lax approach to having small quantities of the drug. The report said the state would save money and avoid unnecessary arrests through the law change.”  Well sure.  I’m surprised every state hasn’t decriminalized marijuana.  Hasn’t the prosecution of America’s youth continued to be a stain on our national conscience?  Feigned outrage continued after the jump.

As someone that has personally benefited from the decriminalization movement, it just makes sense.  Actually, I probably could have been arrested, but the cops in my town, had a small town mentality, and a lot of them liked to burn the nugget themselves.  The worst part about getting busted for smoking a Philly in my 1984 Chevy Celebrity, then discarding of the roach in front of cop car, was the cackle of amusement as the officers derided the schwag I had on me.  I was 15, and no threat to society, as I was driving around 20 mph and totally focused on the road.

And it seems like a majority of the RI state legislature agrees with me, “Senate spokesman Greg Pare said the commission voted 11-2 to approve the report.  The issue now goes to the full Senate.”

Hopefully it passes the senate, so more kids can grow up like me and spend 100K on college so they can eventually write solipsistic blog musings that annoy readers everywhere.  Actually maybe they should throw them behind bars.

Light ’em if you got ’em Rhode Islanders

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