Rhode Islanders Are The Biggest Pot Heads In America

Pot Availability Map
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Thankfully, in every state in America you can buy marijuana. It is said that 40% of American’s have smoked marijuana at least once in their life. Some (like yours truly) prefer to smoke more than just that one time.

CelebStoner has an article featuring which states in the union have the highest percentage of marijuana smokers. It turns out the tiny state of Rhode Island beat out the other 49 states to be crowned the biggest stoners in America by having 16.12% of its population 12 and older smoke on at least a monthly basis. However, Vermont came in a close second with 15.75%. Then, it drops off a bit at the third place state, New Hampshire, which had 13.82%.

Personally,  I live in Michigan, which came in 10th place with 11.91%. That makes sense to me.  I live 45 minutes away from Detroit and that’s where everyone I know gets their bud.  It’s never out of stock, always cheap, and its always quality.

Also, is it just me or does Alaska seem ridiculously high on this list? They came in 4th place with 13.79%. Alaska’s current population is 686,293. This means 94,639 people are smoking reefer with Russia in their backyard.  Is it even possible to hot-box an igloo?

The one state that seems low on this list is Hawaii. It came in 38th place with a sad and confusing 9.04% stoner population. Its the fucking Aloha State for God’s sake! Hawaii is all about island living; Surfing, eating pineapples, chilling on the beach, and smoking some good weed.  Apparently stereotypes are not always true.

In last place with only 7.17% of its citizens smoking, is Utah. I can’t say that this is surprising, considering 60.4% of the state’s population is Mormon. I guess if you’re Mormon you are too busy wearing magic underwear, banging your multiple under-age wives, and being racist to enjoy ripping a bong-load.

This graph shows the percent of people 12 and older who have used marijuana in the past month. (From a 2006-2007 government survey)

1) Rhode Island 16.12%
2) Vermont 15.75%
3) New Hampshire 13.82%
4) Alaska 13.79%
5) Massachusetts 13.49%
6) Oregon 13.12%
7) Colorado 12.99%
8 ) Maine 12.66%
9) Montana 12.62%
10) Michigan 11.91%
11) Washington 11.81%
12) New York
13) Connecticut 11.36%
14) Wyoming 11.31%
15) Minnesota 11.28%
16) California 11.24%
17) New Mexico 11.20%
18) Delaware 11.16%
19) Ohio 10.69%
20) Wisconsin 10.61%
21)Nevada 10.17%
22) Virginia 10.13%
23) Arkansas 10.09%
24) Kentucky 10.03%
25) Louisiana 10.01%
26) Tennessee 9.96%
27) Missouri 9.95%
28) Georgia 9.88%
29) Indiana 9.87%
30) Maryland 9.71%
31) Kansas 9.70%
32) Illinois 9.53%
33) Florida 9.44%
34) Arizona 9.35%
35) Pennsylvania 9.32%
36) North Carolina 9.22%
37) New Jersey 9.10%
38) Hawaii 9.04%
39) West Virginia 8.82%
40) Nebraska
41) South Carolina 8.66%
42) Idaho 8.64%
43) North Dakota 8.59%
44) South Dakota 8.56%
45) Oklahoma 8.51%
46) Alabama 7.96%
47) Texas 7.92%
48) Mississippi 7.79%
49) Iowa 7.32%
50) Utah 7.17%

Are you surprised the state you live in is high (or low) on this list? Let me hear your thoughts.

Good Times,

Kyler Durden

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Author: Kyler Durden

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