RIP Sonics

So if you haven’t heard by now, its finalized.  The Sonics are moving out of Seattle to go to Oklahoma City.  (I really didn’t even know anyone lived in Oklahoma)

Anyway, I don’t have any particular feelings about this except for the fact that I think that it just proves that all of these guys are liars.  I think Matt over at With Leather said it best:

Fuck that lying piece of shit Clay Bennett.  Fuck David Stern, that collusive cocksucker.  Fuck Howard Schultz for selling the team to Bennett, and fuck Starbucks, too.  Fuck Seattle’s limp-dick government.  Fuck Hurricane Katrina.  And fuck Oklahoma fans who get indignant and say that they’re more deserving of an NBA team than Seattle, the victim of uncaring ownership and a city whose only crime was not shelling out more tax dollars so a carpetbagging son of a bitch could make more fistfuls money. 

Get fucked, NBA.

[With Leather]

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Author: Lenny

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