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Today, it seems that the further we travel down this road of cannabis legislative amendment, the more popular the subject of marijuana use becomes. With increased interest comes industry, and with industry comes capitalism and innovation. With so many different brands, devices and accessories available on the market today, it is difficult for marijuana enthusiasts to know what companies they can trust to provide them with the best technology or to enjoy their product and further their experience as a connoisseur. Thankfully, there is an online headshop called Billowby to answer the call.


The key to becoming a seasoned connoisseur of anything is knowing your subject inside and out, and possessing the ability to distinguish and articulate the characteristics of the said subject. A connoisseur of marijuana is no different, and since David Matthews started Billowby.com in San Francisco, CA, marijuana aficionados like myself can rest a little easier.


Motivated by the frustration of dealing with shady online smoke shops, Matthews decided to start how own company, and founded it on the belief of delivering unmatched customer satisfaction and quality accessories to the masses. After visiting Billowby.com, it is clear that he’s on to something.

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Billowby.com is a user-friendly website that features some of the best smoking and vape accessories on the market. They have everything from name brand bongs and vaporizers to wraps and dab tools. The collection of glass pieces alone is massive — large enough to satisfy even the most particular of tastes. Billowby.com is also known for its tireless commitment to the consumer, with customer satisfaction being the primary focus of the business. We at Hail Mary Jane are not the only ones that have taken notice of the website’s thriving business; famed rapper, Nas, happens to be their largest investor.


There are many online smoke shops popping up trying, which are trying to make an easy buck as quick as they can; thankfully there is at least one out there that is putting the customer first and profits second. Billowby.com is a beacon of hope in the fog that is known as the online smoke shop world, setting standards in quality and customer satisfaction that are second to none. So before you buy your next piece from that hottie down at the headshop that can’t even spell the word “quality,” head to Billowby.com and let them help you become true connoisseur.




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