Rolling Stone Photographer Nabbed with 10 Lbs of Herb [Stickiness Still in Question]

Maybe you’re familiar with Rolling Stone photographer Jennifer Tzar? Maybe you’re like me, and you don’t know about famous photographers in a dying medium (or any medium). Maybe you’re already done reading this horrific lede that hasn’t provided you with any information after 40-odd words? Well there was a fire, and Tzar’s apartment had a stash of marijuana, which is weird because you wouldn’t normally associate a magazine photographer with drug use. Especially a photographer for a conservative magazine like Rolling Stone.  Click through to find out what happened.

Tzar was busted with around 10 pounds of herb in her SoHo apartment. For those of you unfamiliar with the various NYC neighborhoods, SoHo is a place below Houston St. for aspiring artists of various shades of success. The only thing everyone in the SoHo neighborhood has in common is a ton of money (I’ve interned in the area, and I never ate could never afford lunch).

From the Daily News:

Snapper Jennifer Tzar, 44, who has shot the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Snoop Dogg and Hank Williams 3rd for Spin and Rolling Stone, was charged with first-degree criminal possession of marijuana.

FDNY fire marshals happened on the 10-pound surprise while searching for the cause of the three-alarm blaze at Tzar’s building on Thompson St. near Spring St. The dope was stuffed into 13 plastic bags and one jar inside the apartment, police said. Tzar, 44, was arrested at the scene, said police.

The Village Voice Runnin’ Scared Blog followed up with some details about Tzar:

Jennifer Tzar’s website lists her photography as “Offbeat and arresting…in the realm of magical realism, project defiance and individuality.” We contacted Tzar for comment but were unable to reach her. We will update this space pending any communication.

We spoke with the Fire Department, who told us the fire resulted in 11 minor injuries, ten of which were sustained by firemen. The cause of the blaze is still undetermined.

The Fire Department had no comment on Jennifer Tzar’s arrest, nor did they mention how sticky this alleged giant stash of bud is.

We’re still wondering how sticky the stash was, but chances are it was a mucilaginous miracle and firefighters were still trying to become “unstuck.” Like the couple in this Tzar photo below (the verdure is a subtle reminder):


[Daily News; H/T: Village Voice;  pics via BaseNow & picsmiks]

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