Ryan Perrilloux kicked off LSU

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Ryan Perrilloux is done at LSU. He was kicked off of LSU today by Coach Les Miles for an undisclosed reason but it was probably just that the coach was fed up with him.

Perrilloux has been suspended three times since joining the Tigers. He was caught trying to enter a Baton Rouge casino with a fake ID which was followed up by a federal investigation into a possible counterfeiting scandal. Perrilloux was never formally charged and returned to the team. Several days before LSU traveled to Tuscaloosa to face their former coach, Nick Saban, and Alabama, Perrilloux was suspended for an apparent night club fight just off the LSU campus. Perrilloux was again cleared of any wrongdoing, but was not allowed to travel with the team to Tuscaloosa. The most recent suspension came after another disturbance involving Perrilloux at a Baton Rouge restaurant. It appeared Perrilloux finally left the restaurant after management threatened to call the police. Perrilloux rejoined the team less than one month ago, but was still thought to be in Les Miles’ dog house until he fulfilled some requirements. It appeared he did not fulfill those requirements, leading to his dismissal.

Perrilloux was supposed to be this teams next JaMarcus Russell but obviously that didn’t work out. Now the Tigers will look at Andrew Hatch, Junior that transfered from Harvard, and Jarrett Lee, a red shirt Freshmen from Texas.

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