Salty v. Sweet: What’s Your Preference?

Here’s an interesting story about edible products and whether “savory” can take a place beside “sweet” on the grocer’s shelf.  Tasty.


Colorado’s medical marijuana market featured pasta sauces and even pizza during the industry’s early days in 2010. But as the state’s regulatory bodies gained power over the industry, these products quickly went away.

Bob Eschino, owner of the infused products company Incredibles, believes that potency testing and other regulations helped bring about the demise of these products. Products can sit on shelves for days or even weeks as they await testing or approval from regulators, so companies adjusted their product lines to foods with longer shelf lives, such as chocolate bars and cookies.

“With testing and the need to be verified by (regulatory agencies), you’ve added a week or 10 days of your product just sitting on your store shelf,” Eschino said. “When something spoils, you’re not just throwing away a muffin, you’re throwing away THC.”

Eschino believes the state’s proposed tests could make these products impossible to produce altogether. Colorado legislators have proposed making 10 milligrams of THC the standard serving size.

“If you’re infusing a spread or a sauce, how do you make sure [a serving size] has 10 milligrams?” Eschino said. “Unless you are doing 10 millgrams for the entire product, it won’t work.”

Eschino believes the market for these foods has switched to private producers and cook-at-home kits, which include cannabis butter or marijuana pills. Consumers who want to make cannabis sauce, he said, must do it themselves.

There is a lot more to this story at the original post WHICH IS HERE.

And now I’m hungry.

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