San Diego Woman Never Backs Down from her Legal Right to Get High (and finally gets her Bongs back)

Yesterday, a medical marijuana patient finally got her bongs back after a 7 month battle with the police after they were seized in June of ’09–yea we can do arithmetic.  According to Safe Access San Diego, Tiffani Kjeldergaard was busted by her probation officer as he stopped by to check on her for a prior non drug-related charge.  Read the whole story after the jump.

In January 2009, Tiffani was put on probation for the non-drug related charge mentioned in the paragraph above.  She continued to smoke herb as was her right as a legitimate medical marijuana user.  During this time she tested positive for THC as part of her probation.  Concerned, her probation officer stopped by her place in June of 2009 for a safety check and obviously found a ton of grass, and a lot of paraphernalia (we hate that word).  All quotes via San Deigo Chapter

As with any medical cannabis patient, they found medical cannabis. Tiffani had some dried cannabis, 7 immature plants, several bongs, pipes, and medical cannabis magazines which the police totaled at $12,000, and at that time sent out a press release announcing a great bust.

The policed seized all the property and took Tiffani to jail on charges of violating her probation.
Although under pressure by the District Attorney and her Public Defender to agree to a plea deal where she would be sentenced to three years in jail, Tiffany did not waiver. She refused to bargain with the DA and fired her public defender that was encouraging her to stay in jail and take a deal.

But wait, it gets better.

Shortly after her release and change of probation conditions, Tiffani arrived to her probation officers office to present her doctor’s recommendation, only to learn that the probation department thought the recommendation was no good without a San Diego County Medical Marijuana Card to go along with it. She was told that everyone who is on probation and is a medical marijuana patient is now required to also obtain a county card.

Never one to be frustrated, this woman continued to fight within the parameters of the law and never just said “fuck it” while she copped some nickel bags down on the block.

Wanting to both be compliant with the system, and to continue to assert her rights as a patient, Tiffani got her county card, brought it back to her probation officer and received the green light to be able to medicate.
On January 19, 2010, Tiffani finally received her bongs, pipes, as well as some medical marijuana literature seized in the raid. After receiving her property back from her probation officer, Tiffany said “This is a huge win for us”.

Hot Damn, this woman is a trooper.  You gotta give her props for sticking with it, and we here salute her win.  You can check out an interview with her below.

Feel free to leave comments about how awesome she is.

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