San Francisco Medical Marijuana Edibles Now With Safer Labels

The Green Cross, a medical marijuana dispensary based in San Francisco, CA, has changed their labeling and package design for their medical marijuana products. They did so to comply with the San Francisco Department of Health. Read on to find out why this highlights the responsible use of marijuana for medical purposes, what measures were imposed to make the product unattractive to children, and how the products are more transparent for consumers.

Really this news should make the far right shudder because when dispensaries are acting better than cigarette manufacturers, the conservatives screaming about anti-marijuana legislation don’t have much of a soapbox to stand on.

Wondering why this is big news? It’s because they’re legitimate, and they’re working with health officials to target their demographic and avoid the temptation to sell to recreational users.

“That we changed our labels overnight underscores The Green Cross’ commitment to abide by the laws and regulations of the San Francisco Department of Health,” said Kevin Reed, President of The Green Cross. “As with most of the guidelines issued by the San Francisco Department of Health, these new guidelines are reasonable and should be easy to comply with.”

So what do the changes entail?

The Green Cross’ immediate compliance with the new rules underscores their commitment to strict adherence to the law and safe access to edible medical cannabis options for their members. The new labels are designed to better inform users that the product is medicine, not food and make them unattractive / unappealing to children. The Green Cross has removed all images of the edible product from the label and changed the names to make them more descriptive. For example, Blueberry Craze Cookie is now simply named Blueberry Cookie.

The new rules also require that labels include the estimated net weight of the cannabis contained in each product and the statements: “For Medical Use Only” and “Keep Out of Reach of Children,” two items of information The Green Cross’s medical marijuana labels already contained.

Most of the HMJ readers are recreational users, but we should stop and take a moment to applaud these types of announcements because it legitimizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes. We all know it’s helpful for fighting nausea and other effects of chemo treatment in cancer patients, but when dispensaries like the Green Cross act responsibly, it makes the tacky cliches about marijuana use null and void. We’re growing up as a subculture, and it starts with the patients that really need marijuana. After that, we can inform the public about safe recreational usage. For now, this is a good start.

[San Francisco Gate; pics via cfinder & mell0-yello flickr]

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