San Jose, CA Proves What Most of Us Knew Already

Marijuana should be legal, not just because it’s a harmless drug where the only side-effect is the munchies and some impaired neurotransmitters, but becauseA LOT of people enjoying toking up. This means the government could tax the crap out of marijuana sales and the financial windfall would save local and state budgets. Makes sense right? Well now we have actual evidence where it was put into practice. Check out what the Sacramento Bee said about San Jose’s money-making endeavor. More on this “we told you so” story after the jump.

According to the Bee:

San Jose’s finance department released figures showing that medical marijuana collectives paid $290,000 in March, the first month of the city’s new 7-percent tax on dispensaries.

San Jose currently has a $115 million deficit, and with 290 grand coming in monthly, that’s $3.9 million in annual revenue. Not too shabby when fighting those deficits.

But hold on a second, there are those who say that to tax is to “legitimize” marijuana.

There is significant opposition to the idea. And opponents of taxing the sales for medical purposes are not those who sell the drug but those who feel that it should not be sold at all. Take Paul Chabot of the Coalition for a Drug Free California, for example. Chabot objects to taxing the drug on principle, claiming, “With the state in dire straits in finances and the country looking for ways to pay down debt, looking at illegal drugs is the absolute wrong thing to do.”

This plays into the concept of marijuana as a “gateway drug,” which is ludicrous simply because those individuals who have gone on to stronger drugs like heroine and cocaine after smoking some marijuana, were likely to do so regardless of their involvement with marijuana.

I can speak with some authority on this as I have tried harder drugs and there was no correlation with my marijuana usage – if anything marijuana curtailed any addictions I might have suffered at the hands of those stronger drugs. Plus, it’s way more fun!

It just makes financial sense and, as Forbes shows, it will help assuage over-population at prisons:

Proponents of taxing medical marijuana disagree that taxing it is a bad idea. They argue that marijuana is extremely popular already. In fact, domestically grown marijuana is thought to be the second most profitable cash crop in the United States. Only corn is considered to be more lucrative. Taxing the sale of marijuana (and thus, eventually legalizing it on a federal level) would likely increase tax revenues across the country. Proponents also argue that the next move to legalize marijuana would drive down risks associated with street sales, thus having secondary benefits of reducing violence, freeing up police resources and reducing the numbers of nonviolent offenders held in overcrowded prison systems.

So the only thing holding back the taxation of marijuana to offset our rocketing NATIONAL deficit, is the (traditional!) conservative fear of marijuana turning all of our children into heroin addicts.  This country was founded by the white, protestants*, and now it’s getting screwed by them (and baptists!*). But seriously, when can me make pragmatic changes to our country to make it better? The answer: probably not until Marx’s “opiate of the people” is banished.

[Sacramento Bee; Forbes; pic via 420 times]

*Parody and sarcasm need an asterisk these days before someone writes an angry email to the editor of this site. Yet another problem with our country. Swift would’ve been crucified on Fox News for his “Modest Proposal.”

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