San Jose Streets littered with Free Weed!

San Jose streets littered with  FREE Weed!
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San Jose streets littered with FREE Weed!

Any stoner would have thought they were dreaming when, upon turning the corner in San Jose, CA  finding bags of marijuana laying in the road.  Any non-high stoner probably figured it was “bait weed” with the cops just waiting around the corner to arrest them.  But it really happened – FREE WEED just laying in the streets!

Police say a truck illegally carrying pounds of marijuana crashed, ending up on its side, leaving  huge of marijuana  laying in an intersection in south San Jose, CA frightening the driver away. Pedestrians and motorists alike were stopping,  scooping up the FREE bags of marijuana and getting away before police arrived.

Police are still looking for any suspects responsible for the crash and any people who were fortunate enough to score free bags of weed. Good luck with all that! *smirk*

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Author: Doodette420

Doodette who loves #cannabis! Like meeting other 420 friendly peeps. Outgoing, down to Earth, demented & probably going to hell. Let's smoke a doobie! Twitter: @DoobieDoodette

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